It looks like California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman has found a new place to sink her millions: Campaign websites. California Watch reports that her campaign has quite a few, including Jerryfails.com as well as sites for women, students, nurses, Latinos, and Chinese-speaking voters.

Of course, Whitman isn't the only one. Democratic opponent Jerry Brown has his own attack site, Meg-a-Myths.com. But otherwise he doesn't seem to be competing with her demographic conquest of state voters online.

Whitman has spent about $10 million on political consultants, some of which, it would appear, have put their expertise into the digital domain.

And while the state's Fair Political Practices Commission keeps a close eye on attack ads on television to ensure that the money and people behind them are disclosed, campaign websites are a new “wild west,” Barbara O'Connor, director emeritus of the Institute for the Study of Politics and Media at CSU Sacramento, told California Watch.

The FPPC has come up with recommendations to treat the sites the same way it treats TV ads.

LA Weekly