When teenager Monica Amestoy landed at LAX on Oct. 21, she immediately told her awaiting father what had happened: A man allegedly masturbated and stared at her from across the isle during some of the 6-hour flight.

Cops investigated and the jerk was successfully prosecuted, says Amestoy's lawyer, Gloria Allred. But United Airlines basically stood by and did nothing. At least that's the claim:

Allred has taken up Amestoy's case against the carrier for what she described as almost total inaction on flight 771 that day. (It was clearly a lawsuit crafted in heaven just for L.A.'s premier sex crimes esquire).

The then 17-year-old was returning to L.A. from John F. Kennedy airport in New York after having competed in a high school debate tournament, Allred told reporters yesterday.

Amestoy was seated in the back, and the man in question was across the isle from her, Allred said. He “exposed his penis and masturbated,” she alleged.

He “started masturbating and exposing himself while staring at me,” Amestoy told reporters.

The girl was horrified. Only a blanket concealed what was doing from others, Allred said.

The teen reported what was happening to a flight attendant who stood nearby and, when the suspect did nothing, moved on, Allred said. Then he got got back to business, she claimed.

The teen feared that the guy might actually shoot his ejaculate on her, Allred said, describing it as possible “offensive contact with his sperm.” Yep.

The man wasn't confronted, and even when Amestoy repeated her allegation the flight attendant called the situation “disgusting” but didn't do anything, Allred alleged.

The attorney says Amestoy's family felt that UA never took its complaints about the situation seriously, and so now the teen is seeking unspecified damages (e.g. lots of cash) in L.A. County Superior Court.

The airline hasn't said much about the legal action, stating only that the complaint would be “closely reviewed” when it sees it.

The suit alleges, among other things, negligence, infliction of emotional distress and false imprisonment, ostensibly because the girl says she felt threatened by the possibility of ejaculate (which, to be fair, is considered a carrier of potential, blood-bourne pathogens).

Do you think United will settle, or take a whack at this in court?

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