Jen Rim Recalls Elephants on the Beach: L.A.-based Korean artist Jen Rim told us about her Cage the Elephant experience.
Jen Rim: Live shows for me came a little later in my life. Growing up as a classical musician, concerts I attended/played were very proper, organized, rehearsed, and in a way, almost perfected.

It wasn’t until I turned 18 where I had started to become exposed to rock music. I remember playing at Beach Buzz Festival in Kansas City in 2016 and watching an arena show for the first time. Cage the Elephant came on and as soon as they started playing, it immediately caught my attention. Matt Schultz (lead singer) has this energy that is able to lead a crowd, and you can tell he is using every minute of his time to engage and offer something that I was personally impacted by. I’ve never seen someone who carries so much freedom and is able to shift the atmosphere, allowing us to be part of an experience.

After watching this show, I was inspired to allow myself to be more open from the ways that I was taught before as a classical musician. I love that there are no certain rules because it’s those raw moments that I really feel people resonate with. I’ve learned to embrace unexpected encounters and create a space for something genuine with the audience. There’s no better feeling when one feels understood by another, and it is something I hope to give whenever I’m on stage.

Jen Rim Recalls Elephants on the Beach: Jen Rim’s single “Tell Me is out from July 27.

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