Oh no he didn't.

Jay Leno is in hot water this week after a quip about Mitt Romney's summer house was accompanied by a photo of the Sikhs' sacred Golden Temple in India, a grand palace indeed.

Romney's real summer home, or at least one of them, is right here in Southern California, and isn't half as massive. But we get the picture:

He's a 1 percenter. Except that …

… the Sikh community isn't so amused. The Tonight Show with Jay Leno presented the skit as a The Insider look at the homes of the rich and presidential.

(Imagine what would happen, if you will, if Leno joked that Newt Gingrich's summer home is the Vatican. Well, actually, given that candidates serial polygamy, that would be funny).

Anyway, India's Ambassador to the U.S. is going to complain to Washington officials, according to the Wall Street Journal. India's external affairs minister, SM Krishna, confirmed as much to the Hindustan Times.

A Sikh-run Boycott Jay Leno Facebook page had nearly 3,100 followers today.

A page administrator is encouraging folks to call Leno's production office and offer their opinion:

… Only 30 people called jay leno's office today call now 818-840-2222.

Nothing is going to happen if we don't act. It is very strange we are a group of 3100 people and only 30 people called. Please call and sign the petition. Thanks …

Gosh, Mitt got his ass kicked by New Gingrich in the South Carolina primary over the weekend, and now his riches have him in international headlines just because he owns lots of big houses that don't actually happen to be religious temples.

Sikh's are right to be mad, though. The only temples Romney knows, besides private ones filled with his own corporate-takeover riches, are Mormon.

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