In what seems to be the final macabre twist to the bizarre and brutal murder case of Los Angeles model Jasmine Fiore, her fugitive husband, Ryan Jenkins, has been found hanged. Jenkins' body was discovered in a Hope, British Columbia motel room, according to Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The L.A. Times reports that U.S. authorities had traced the former reality TV show contestant's escape into Canada via a speedboat.

The Vancouver Sun quotes an RCMP source as saying that staff at the Thunderbird Motel entered the room today to check on Jenkins and found his body. Police confirmed Jenkins' identity about 5 p.m. today.

“Unfortunately, this case has an end that nobody would wish for,” the Sun quotes Orange County, California district attorney's office spokesperson Farrah Emami.

Jenkins was accused by Orange County authorities of strangling Fiore,

removing her teeth and cutting off her fingers, and stuffing her corpse

into a suitcase that was found in a Dumpster. According to,

Jenkins himself was positively identified by his fingerprints.

LA Weekly