L.A. Observed's Kevin Roderick fumes over KNBC's ultra-cheesy Web coverage of murder victim Jasmine Fiore, whose body was discovered inside a discarded suitcase last weekend in Orange County. Roderick's headline, “Murder just another chance to say 'naked,'” refers to Channel 4's necrophiliac description of Fiore's death site. “Look how they tease it,” Roderick writes, “telling us only that she was a swimsuit model and when found she was . . .naked.”

Wait until he gets a load of CNN's take on the case, which makes Channel 4's copy read like an editorial from the Far Eastern Economic Review. The byline identifies the writer as none other than Nancy Grace producer Stacey Newman. “Model Found Nude, Stuffed in Suitcase!” screams the CNN blog, above a distorted picture of “young, gorgeous swimsuit model” Fiore wearing a revealing dress. It's the kind of blurb you'd expect to find on an old pulp edition of a Mickey Spillane book. CNN — classy all the way.

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