Laweekly Article Jared Overeem

The odds of making a successful career in the music business are very slim, especially for those without “Friends in high places”. That was the typical case for Queens N.Y native Jared Overeem who had a dream to be in the entertainment industry. Although not a Hollywood insider, Jared strived to become a seasoned manager, selling his car to obtain the money to throw his first event by renting a small club in Queens for his first client/artist. That event Failed.

Now car-less and only receiving $360 in revenue from his first tangle with nightlife, Overeem still felt that this was no time to quit. Overeem attempted again by approaching a 200-person capacity Nightclub and struck a deal to bring his friend’s birthday party of 30 girls to the venue. He promised to fill the place if the venue allowed him to provide his own DJ and his compensation terms. When the club agreed, Overeem then took his $360 and hired 6 local promoters for $50 each and saved the ten bucks for a drink at the club. Overeem now had his first successful event under his belt and the club ended up booking his DJ for a small fee several more times. That DJ later turned out to be LODATO who is currently one of the hottest new EDM Producer/DJs in the USA.

In a span of just a few years, Overeem has inked numerous deals for his clients like major record contracts, endorsements, collaborations and residencies. Last year, Jared was featured as one of the “TOP 5 MUSIC MANAGERS OF THE PANDEMIC”, with good reason. During that time, his accomplishments that stand out the most are that he was able to discover and generate different revenue streams for his clients, while orchestrating a record deal with Hollywood socialite Paris Hilton on his Overdrive label. Overeem can be accredited with LODATO in receiving several #1 Dance Radio and Billboard Records, along with scoring all of the music for several network TV shows. In 2022 Overeem partnered with veteran nightlife moguls Randy Greenstein and Tim Bonito of “Big Night” to co-manage LODATO.

Today, sitting poolside of his Howard Beach home, Overeem talks with satisfaction attributing his remarkable drive and success to humble beginnings during his formative years. He stated that there are always unavoidable obstacles and setbacks when you are trying to build, but the challenge always excites him. Overeem also mentioned that key factors to advance any career in the music industry, is to face ridiculous odds and daily rejection head on, think outside the box and to treat a failure the same as completing a college course in the subject. There’s a Haitian proverb, “Beyond the mountains, there are more mountains.” In this case, you could consider Jared Overeem a professional mountain climber.

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