Janice is Pining on “Let it Rain”: Ah, this is just what the doctor ordered. Swedish R&B-pop star Janice has released a soothing slice of old soul called “Let it Rain.”

Opening with some gorgeous and melancholic acoustic guitar, Janice comes in with “From the first time that I saw your pretty face, I knew you were special walking with such grace. At the time my heart was with somebody else, it’s like I’m running away from being with myself.”

So clearly, she’s with the wrong person and is pining for someone else.

“It’s about meeting someone who makes you realize you’re on the wrong course,” she said in a press release. “Following that revelation, even though you might have to hurt people on the way.”

It’s been a good year for the is Pining  artist, with her “Hearts Will Bleed” song featuring in the FIFA 2020 gameCheck her new single out below.

Janice is Pining on “Let it Rain”: Janice’s “Let it Rain” single is out now.

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