Another nail-biter here. Well, not really.

Janice Hahn was leading Laura Richardson in their battle for another redrawn congressional district, the South Bay's numero 44.

In this race, once again, both are congressional incumbents fighting for a remixed seat, although Hahn's a relative newcomer whose last stop, before getting Jane Harmon's abandoned seat last year, was the L.A. City Council.

Laura Richardson, who's African American, is a well-known entity in southwest L.A. County, and that might not be a good thing. The Legislative Black Caucus passed her up for an endorsement.

And in a district where the black vote isn't king but is certainly key, Hahn is riding on some strong laurels — those of her father, late County Supervisor Kenneth Hahn, who was the blackest white leader around, long before Bill Clinton.

Anyway, if any of that adds up to anything, it's this:

With nearly 53 percent of precincts at least partially reporting their results overnight, Hahn was in the lead nearly 60 percent to 40 percent for Richardson.

But … being a June primary, the top-two vote-getters will get a rematch in November.

No surprise here: Hahn and Richardson were the only ones running. Why do we torture ourselves like this? Democracy!

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