If Jane's Addiction really felt bad about fans not being able to get into their recent “surprise” show at tiny Mexican dive La Cita a few weeks ago, why are they doing tonight's make-up gig at an equally small Latin-themed spot in Silver Lake? At this point, shouldn't they just book the Fonda –or the Echoplex even– and call it a day?

Could the band possibly want the clusterfuck frenzy that comes with playing these grittier Eastside boxes to help create buzz for a possible reunion tour? Nah…

For what it's worth, Dave Navarro did seem pretty sincere last night when he talked about the gig on his Indie 103.1 show Dark Matter. He even encouraged a caller to tape the show (!), recommending he stand near the sound man at the back of the room to get the best recording. He neglected to mention the sight lines near the back at El Cid (which is a Flamenco restaurant first and foremost) are terrible.

So yeah… if you were stuck outside all night at the La Cita gig –and you're a glutton for punishment who just must see Dave's bare abs ('cause ya know, that's a rarity)– get down to El Cid this evening, as early as possible.

Idiots Rule!

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