Los Angeles Community College President Jamillah Moore has managed to push back her trial for wrongful termination for the third freaking time — now the show (set for yesterday) will go on March 30.

Officials at Los Angeles Community College District, including Moore and LACC Academic Senate President Ken Sherwood, are shakin' in their boots. Charges against them, of racial discrimination and retaliation for whistle-blowing, are not fun to defend:

Ex-LACC Athletic Director Mike Miller says Moore axed all LACC inter-collegiate athletics — a dramatic move that hurt many students — in order to get rid of him. Moore claims the axing of those athletic programs was due to budget reasons.

Moore had a habit of referring to Miller as “the old white guy.” Miller also had a habit — a 15-year habit of leading LACC to basketball championships and serious notoriety.

Miller alleges racism at the top levels within the college. As reported by the school paper, the Los Angeles Collegian, Bruce Baron, former vice president of administrative services at LACC and current Chancelor at San Bernardino Community College District has stated in a deposition:

“She [Moore] said to me on at least two occasions that she would not remove a young black coach and hire an old white coach, referring to Mack Cleveland as the young black coach and Miller as the old white coach, and she said that a couple times to me.”

Miller also blew the fraud whistle on Cleveland, and on Moore's associate, Sherwood.

Allegations include that Sherwood collected LACC money, AKA taxpayer money, for coaching a badminton team — but the team was never formed.

Baron goes on:

“Sherwood came into my office and shut the door and asked me to deliver a personal message … 'You tell Miller that if he doesn't back off of this badminton situation, that I'm going to destroy him.'”

It is no surprise that officials at LACCD, the largest community college district in the United States and one of the largest in the world, are not eager to answer to Miller's charges: No other California community college has felt the need to drop its sports program.

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