James Tzitzon – Bringing the History of the Registry of Motor Vehicle Inspector to Life

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History revolves around studying and documenting human activities to prepare records for current and future generations to increase their knowledge and learn about events and facts. Learning history is essential for understanding how particular events, circumstances, and processes shaped attitudes, behavior, relationships, and socioeconomic patterns. History also informs people about forgotten events, individuals, and organizations and their role in shaping society or particular processes and systems. Some people find history books tedious and monotonous due to the excessive text and facts on a specific incident or individual. However, many history books are necessarily tedious and exhaustive because they integrate multiple elements to portray information about organizations or events. Take James Tzitzon’s the History of the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicle Inspector: Never Forget, which incorporates pictures, stories from inspectors, and personal accounts to explain historical events.

James Tzitzon is a former Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicle Inspector and a retired state trooper who worked in law enforcement for over 18 years. Tzitzon wrote a book chronicling the life and times of motor vehicle inspectors through photographs, records, officers’ experiences, and various interesting facts about the department. Working in an industry and department for over two decades creates an emotional association that influences a person at a deeper level. Tzitzon also developed an emotional attachment to the registry and wrote the book to highlight its role and contribution to the state of Massachusetts in the areas of motor vehicle inspection, registration, and licenses. The Massachusetts State merged the Registry of Motor Vehicles Division of Law Enforcement, with several other agencies, into a new Department of State Police in 1992. The Registry of Motor Vehicles Division of Law Enforcement concluded its operations, and all inspectors became Massachusetts State Troopers.

The Registry of Motor Vehicles Law Enforcement Section was previously responsible for enforcing vehicle safety laws, school bus and commercial vehicle inspection, driver’s license testing, and accident investigations. Tzitzon wrote the book to create awareness regarding the agency’s role and the inspectors’ contributions to helping people acquire their driver’s licenses among other aspects. The author brings the history of the agency and officers’ activities to life by including pictures of officers, events, locations, and other elements related to the department. Although a book about history, The History of the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicle Inspector, is interesting for any reader willing to learn about information, activities, responsibilities, and routines of motor vehicle inspectors. Tzitzon worked a considerable portion of his adult life with the department, licensed and evaluated many people.

Born in Massachusetts, in 1948, James Tzitzon spent his childhood in the same city while attending a vocational trade school. He was not always a law enforcement officer and worked in various jobs as a licensed electrician. However, Tzitzon’s ultimate goal was to work as an inspector in the registry of motor vehicles from an early age. The idea came into his mind when he first went to get his driver’s license during high school, and while a registry inspector accompanied him on driving test. The thought of an officer in uniform evaluating his driving skills was scary and frightening. The officer’s persona and demeanor inspired Tzitzon to become a law enforcement officer. Although it took him 12 years to fulfill his goal, he overcame the challenges to start working with the Department of Motor Vehicles as a registry inspector. Tzitzon worked with commitment and dedication for over 18 years, before retiring early due to a back injury. He was involved in an accident where a driver cut a corner and hit him head-on causing severe injuries.

The government’s decision to dissolve the Motor Vehicle law enforcement section and integrate  it into the new Department of State Police distressed Tzitzon and many inspectors due to their emotional attachment and admiration of the department. However, James Tzitzon wanted to do something and make a difference rather than wait for the department and its officers to disappear into obscurity. The author worked with the same dedication and commitment on his book as his career, collecting all factors, information, pictures, and details for many years. Tzitzon compiled a visually appealing history book related to the Department of Motor Vehicles and former and retired inspectors, government employees, families of retired inspectors, and others interested in the history of dissolved or defunct government agencies. The History of the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicle Inspector: Never Forget differs from conventional history books because it offers details and information with accompanying images and personal narratives. In his book, James Tzitzon brings the history of the registry of motor vehicle inspector to life through his vivid explanations and portrayals.

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