There are a lot of errors that professionals make while running their practice that stunt their growth, James explains how to avoid them.

There is a lot of misconception amongst professionals in the health space which often tends to lead them on the wrong path resulting in loss of revenues along with a considerable decrease in the number of patients. But can these errors be avoided? Yes of course if the approach is right, says James Neilson-Watt who himself is a healthcare practitioner and an entrepreneur who has scaled his practice to dizzying elevations of success through his intelligent planning. He has got his business to an impressive 7-figures which is indeed a task well achieved. He outlines the common mistakes that healthcare practitioners make and how to avoid them.

James has observed that a lot of professionals from his organization are under the impression that by indulging in digital strategies like Google Ads, SEO, content creation, video creation, YouTube, Facebook Ads, Podcasts, and also by conducting seminars, workshops, etc., they might establish their strong presence but that’s not the case as a lot goes into making the practice successful. They are under the false presumption that their practice would spiral in the upwards direction and revenues would reach the sky once the number of patients increases after following these methods but then they suddenly realize that they have taken up more than they can handle as distraction sets in with them trying to keep pace with content creation, conducting workshops and the works and eventually are so tired that they are not able to concentrate on their practice which is of primary importance for their growth. “the entire notion of multitasking is misleading as you are trying to handle multiple tasks and are unable to concentrate on one efficiently and that’s where the entire job is impaired,” informs James. Marketing channels are just meant to get your message across people whether it is through online platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, or YouTube, or by holding events like seminars and workshops, if you are not reaching your target audience then all your marketing efforts will be put to waste. It is very crucial to first study the market and then utilize your marketing efforts in the right direction as results would come in only if you’re reaching the right people.

Positioning yourself is very important for the growth of your practice. Without it, your potential client is not going to understand what your areas of specialization are, and are therefore not going to take any action. When you reach out to people, your message should be loud and clear without any inconsistencies. James says, “Many times I have seen practitioners offering one thing, saying something else and the offer is completely in contrast to what they have mentioned. Here you need to be crystal clear and the message that you are trying to convey should be in sync with your offer. I see this all the time with practitioners whose marketing endeavors do not match what they convey and that’s a big flaw.

There are many such mistakes that healthcare practitioners need to keep in mind and to guide them in the right direction James has come up with an online program to help healthcare practice owners to buck up their style of working which would help them generate more clients and revenues. His ‘Healthcare Business Secrets‘  podcasts on various online platforms and gives proper insights on how to grow healthcare practice and make it prominent in no time.


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