Cops today announced that an L.A. man has been charged with abusing a 15-year-old girl who he allegedly put on the streets as a prostitute.

The LAPD's announcement described a brutal routine in which, detectives say, the alleged pimp would set a money quota for the girl and then taser her and threaten her with a gun when she didn't make the goal.

The suspect was named as 27-year-old James Grady III:

In a statement cops said he was charged with pimping a minor, human trafficking, sodomy and assault with a deadly weapon.

Detectives allege that, as well as putting the teen on the street for four months through early May, Grady forced her to have sex with him.

According to the LAPD statement:

… He continually degraded her and forced her to perform sexual acts upon him. On two separate occasions, Grady intensified the violence on the victim. Both incidents stemmed from Grady setting financial quotas the female minor was to earn for him daily. When the young female did not meet her “quota”, Grady forced her to take off all of her clothing and enter the shower with the water running. He then brandished an electrical taser and held it to her skin. Grady cycled the Taser several times and told her that if she did not earn her “quota”, the next time he would electrocute her in the shower.

The second incident involved Grady forcing a rifle underneath the young woman's chin and telling her that if she did not earn her “quota,” he would kill her and her family.

Cops said that the investigation into Grady and two unnamed suspects concluded June 28 after a two-month inquiry. Those two others were also arrested, according to the LAPD.

Investigators picked up Grady at 94th and Figueroa streets near Watts, the department says. He was being held in lieu of $375,000 and was due to face a judge Friday.

The teen was apparently in the care of juvenile probation officers in Riverside County when officials there contacted L.A. police to relate her allegations about Grady.

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