At the end of James' rather excellent live set this morning on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic, Nic Harcourt let slip a little leak that the band would be playing in LA over the weekend, though no show had been announced.

Here's the dirt: Tomorrow (Friday) night at Spaceland in Silver Lake. Tickets are $12 and the show's billed as “semi-acoustic”

Their last show in LA? Eight years ago, shortly before they called it a day (for a while). I admit to being an absolute sucker for this band. Tim Booth's bright, shiny voice and those catchy songs always have me raising the volume when they come up on the shuffle. And they've still got the trumpet player too.

Also playing:

Sky Parade

Evan Slamka (from Marjorie Fair)

DJ Dia spinning

Listen to the archived KCRW show here. A new album also comes out later this year called Hey Ma, their first since 2001.

Here's a few tracks from their 2001 show in Mancester. (These people would KILL to see the band at Spaceland)

Waltzing Along


Sit Down

-Mark Mauer

LA Weekly