Jalisa Rey Says U Ain’t Shit: New Jersey R&B artist Jalisa Rey has dropped new single “U Ain’t Shit,” a thoughtful little ditty about common sentiments felt at the end of a relationship.

The inspiration behind the song is a true-story experience where I was in a relationship and I kind of got played” said Rey in a statement. “I thought we were gonna grow together and while I was away grinding on my music, he played me. I stayed faithful even when I coulda did him dirty. We broke up, and when things started looking better for me he wanted to come back but it was too late. He tried to act like it was on me but I had to let him know he ain’t shit.”

“Remember when I fucked you on the air mattress?” she reminisces right at the start of the song — a great memory for sure but the mood only goes downhill from there. “You ain’t shit,” she coos with the voice of an angel, not masking the pain that lies beneath.

It’s a great song that anyone who has been through a breakup (pretty much everyone) can relate to.

Jalisa Rey Says U Ain’t Shit: Jalisa Rey’s “U Ain’t Shit” is out now.


Press bio:

“Born and raised in Paterson, New Jersey, R&B artist Jalisa Rey gets some of her special flare from her Puerto Rican roots. Her music is a blending of her passionate personality with the hardship that she has experienced throughout her life. She started her music hustle while in high school and soon after graduating decided she needed to be around bigger opportunities, so she took a huge risk and moved to LA without knowing anyone there. Her mindset is that if you want something done, you’ve got to believe in yourself and go for it! After a couple of years, countless meetings and sessions with producers and other artists around LA, her debut project finally started taking shape and she signed with D&G/SRG/ILS/Universal. Her debut single “U Ain’t Shit”, was just released. Jalisa’s message of self belief, mixed with vulnerability and raw honesty, flows through every cadence with the goal of inspiring her listeners that anything is possible if you stay strong and push past the haters and self doubt, and that dreams can be transformed into reality if you stick to it and do the hard work.”

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