The criminalization of, well, just about everything is a thing. We live in an age when an after-school fight can give you a criminal record for life, after all.

But, lucky for you, walking around the San Gabriel Valley city of Azusa with your pants too low will not, in fact, get you a $100 ticket and as many as 10 days behind bars.

The Azusa Police Department took the unusual step this week of notifying the public that a “new city ordinance” announced on an official, parking-style street sign seen in the foothill community is nonexistent.

“Pull up your pants,” the warning says. “No one wants to see your underwear.”

True as that may be, Azusa city officials did not enact a law expressing that ultra-low pants “will no longer be tolerated in our city,” as the sign states.

“If you are offended by this,” it says, “we will help you pack.” 

Alas, as Kanye West and his tapered pants will attest, baggy jeans are only a fashion crime.

The Azusa department said on Facebook and Twitter this week that the sign's a “fake.”

“No new city ordinance for sagging #azusa #saggypants #hoax,” the department said.

Credit: Azusa Police Department

Credit: Azusa Police Department

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