LA Weekly's “Informer” news blog is meant to provoke, to question authority and be a junkyard watchdog when it comes to the actions of your elected officials. It does not aim to make enemies of you, our faithful readers, to insult folks who have experienced tragedy, or to piss people off gratuitously.

That, apparently, is what happened earlier this week when we reported that 18-year-old USC student Jackson Roddy fell to his near-death from a sixth story window after he attended a rave-like event and reportedly took ecstasy.

We didn't intend to make light of his situation or rub salt in the wounds of his family and friends. We should have noted that his was a tragic situation for him and that we wish him well regardless of what led up to his injuries.

We got called on the carpet by many commenters for what was perceived as our insensitivity to Roddy's plight. Our second commenter of the day, Kent Alum, says this:

Definitely too soon – this article is practically attacking him… In a time of turmoil and tragedy many people who care about Jackson are seeking news on him, and this was one of the top search results. I don't blame you for picking the edgy “rave” side of this story but the least you could have done was extend some well wishing sentiment while this kid is still in critical condition. His family has faced a lot of turmoil in the past year. Something you may not know is Jackson was severely beaten with a baseball bat while on a soccer trip to in Europe over the summer. This kid has been through a shit storm and can use all of the positive energy the world has to offer.

He's right and we want to apologize to friends and family we might have offended.

Roddy is still listed in critical condition at California Hospital Medical Center. Godspeed.

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