The pancake menu at Jacks N Joe offers cryptic pancake titles like Pudgie Elvis, Hula Girl and Chloe's Blues. But don't be afraid to try something mysterious, especially Jack's Banana Pancakes (a nod to a Jack Johnson song perhaps?)

Opened less than two years back, Jacks N Joe specializes in breakfast food (served all day), and given their title, the flapjacks and coffee are signature.

The banana pancakes (like most of their pancakes) are rich, thick, buttery, and about as wide as a personal pizza. Heaps of butter melt atop three enormous pancakes, with slices of banana spread across, a trickling of walnuts and some dusted powder sugar on top. Plus, it only costs $6.75.

And if you're not a fan of toppings and just want good ol' pancakes, then go for the buttermilk pancakes. They're simple and a safe bet. For non-sweet breakfast fans, Jacks N Joe cooks up specialty omelettes, JNJ potatoes, and even some classic breakfast combos. But seriously, try the pancakes. And if you have a different sort of sweet tooth, the Dakine french toast is made with Hawaiian sweet bread and equally as rich as those pancakes.

The breakfast joint is located in a tiny strip mall near USC and just south of the Staples Center. Their tropical menu theme, limited seating and constant Bob Marley-esque music make for a unique experience, especially in a university area inhabited by too many fast food and chain restaurants. Beware of the pro-life protesters who tend to be out in force on weekends (Jacks N Joe neighbors a Women's Clinic). And, parking sucks.

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