Jackie Lacey has already claimed an “insurmountable” polling advantage in the race for L.A. County District Attorney. Today, she added two key endorsements from the L.A. Police Protective League and the Association of Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs.

“This is a very important endorsement,” Lacey said. “I competed. I prepared. And I respect their views.”

Lacey is the chief deputy in the D.A.'s office, and has the backing of her boss, Steve Cooley, who is retiring after three terms. Cooley has had a strong relationship with both unions, which may have put Lacey over the top.

Lacey's opponent in the November election, prosecutor Alan Jackson, has also claimed law enforcement support.

“We're proud to be backed by cops all over the county,” said John Thomas, Jackson's campaign manager. “We're not concerned about the effect on the race. Alan is still leading in support from law enforcement.”

It was not clear whether either union would spend money to support Lacey. Parke Skelton, Lacey's campaign manager, said he did not know how much help to expect. Eric Rose, a spokesman for the LAPPL, said the organization does not discuss potential future political activity.

Even if the labor groups do not get involved, Lacey is likely to tout the endorsements in her own mailers.

“People look for clues as to who to support for D.A.,” said Parke Skelton, her campaign strategist. “The support of law enforcement officers is absolutely critical to that message.”

Lacey finished first in the June primary. Jackson finished second, eight points back.

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