Jack Peñate's crisply cut pop may provoke that swaying dance move that many moms perform, (sometimes culminating with a clap and hip slap), but his upbeat jams get the kicks a-moving. His Robert Smith-ish voice (and luckily not looks) is melancholic and uplifting at the same time, in that moody way that only Brits can. The Londoner comes to Spaceland tonight with Swedish megapop-producers-turned-electro-pop collective, Miike Snow. Whether it's pronounced “Mike” like Mike Ditka or “Miike” like Takashi Miike, few know the truth, so feel free to ask them tonight. West Coast Sound recommends asking them during their set. Raise your hand and wait to be called on.

If no answer, just execute the “stanky legg” to the best of your ability.

(MP3s and Media Mayhem after the jump)

Dust off those dancing shoes.

Check out the dub heavy remix of Jack Peñate by xx (via Stereogum)


Miike Snow – Animals (Peter, Bjorn, & John Remix)

And don't forget Miike Snow's old job: Producing Britney Spears' Toxic. West Coast Sound prefers this version. Time for cubicle karaoke!

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