While you were at home last Monday night listlessly watching the rain, New York got Jacked, and Special Agent Jack Bauer, played by Kiefer Sutherland, began another 24-hour counter-terrorizing marathon on the Fox Network. Yes, the real-time espionage drama, 24, has begun its eighth season, making this Bauer's eighth day of nonstop ass-kicking, bomb-defusing, president-saving action (on record). Forcing those who're actually still watching to believe that not only can one man have the eight worst days of his life consecutively, but that he can once again save the world on an empty stomach.

With just a little digging on YouTube, however, you'll find that Special Agent Bauer, in fact, does eat. In 20-second commercial spots in Japan. Bauer's snack of choice during high intensity situations? CalorieMate, a Japanese nutrition bar. Perfect for “mornings when there's no time for a leisurely breakfast,” or when terrorists are planning to assassinate a presidential candidate, your wife and daughter have been kidnapped, and people who you work with may be involved in both.

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