The Rolling Stones

Sticky Fingers (Rolling Stones)

Ivan Julian gets Sticky: Former member of Richard Hell’s Voidoids, Ivan Julian, told us about his love for a Stones classic.

Ivan Julian: …Like the Red Gazelle; Exquisite in shape and form.

(Rolling Stones)

Of course there are many great albums. But to me, Sticky Fingers by the Rolling Stones is perfectly written, performed and recorded as the stylus travers’s from side to side. From the opening chop chords of “Brown Sugar” to the serenade of “Moonlight Mile” each song delivers like a chapter in a well-crafted book, written in high pitch. Even the spaces between the songs fall exactly where one would expect them to fall. (Many people don’t realize, but this is important to making an album.) What you don’t say means just as much as what you’re saying.

One of the many beauties of this LP is that it sounds like a simple, straight up rock & roll record, but Jimmy Miller uses an array of mixing technics to bring it to life. Once again I refer to “Brown Sugar,” the opening chords have a slap delay the goes from the center of the mix to one side giving it movement. After this the rhythm shifts between 4th and 5th gear like a sports car careening along a mountainside. Speaking of rhythm, there’s a point when “Can’t You Hear Me Knocking” arrives as a whole new form of song writing. Then there’s the plate reverb that haunts the slide guitar on “Sister Morphine.” 

Whenever I’ve been involved with the making of any record I always use Sticky Fingers as a model. That’s my aspiration.

Ivan Julian gets Sticky: van Julian’s new solo album, Swing Your Lanterns, is released in February.























































































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