Get out your bell-bottom pants. Attorney General Jerry Brown is aiming for a gubernatorial sequel, and he's tapping his old pals in Hollywood for the dough. Moguls obliged to the tune of more than $1 million at a local event over the weekend, and Brown hasn't even officially thrown his hat in the ring.

As the Sacramento Bee notes, Brown has friends in the industry reaching back to the 1960s, and his cavorting with Linda Ronstadt in the era of stagflation and disco made him a bonafide member of the celebrity scene.

In fact, Brown's run back to the governor's office (in the '70s he famously wouldn't live in the Governor's Mansion and drove a 1967 Dodge Dart, the proto-Prius of its day) smacks eerily of the late '00s return to some of the traits of the disco era.

Coke is it (as any hipster rapper will tell you), marijuana, which saw its highest teen usage in 1979, is available legally on many a street corner in Los Angeles (as any City Council member will tell you) and people are going to discos — er, dance clubs — like it's 1977 at the 54. And while New York City famously edged near bankruptcy in 1975, the state of California's impending $21 billion deficit would laugh heartily like a large Austrian man at zee $150 million that almost put the Big Apple under water back then.

Brown is back with the Hollywood crowd, hands out, pants updated, and a little more conservative for the wear (he issued an opinion that essentially says most of the state's medical marijuana dispensaries are illegal). Perhaps we need a '70s man to deal with '70s-style problems.

If somebody doesn't step up soon to lead this state out of deficit politics and nu-disco malaise, we're going to go call Travis Bickle on Sacramento, and we suspect we won't be alone.

LA Weekly