It’s Not Just For Juvenile Delinquents Anymore

The legalization of cannabis has been a vexing, redundant – and righteous — cause. There is no sane excuse for the 75-year old ban, but drug warriors continue to spout disproven nonsense. NORML, the oldest pro-pot advocacy group, is hosting its 41st annual conference with the hopeful theme The Final Days Of Prohibition. In the past 16 years, medical marijuana and decriminalization have proven wildly popular and for the first time a Gallup poll shows a majority support for legalization. Some of us have been toking for a long time (45 years for me), so Thursday’s panel on “Cannabis and Senior Citizens” is increasingly pertinent. In addition to med-mar co-op pioneer Valerie Corral, the star old folk is participatory satirist Paul Krassner. Now 80, Krassner has just updated his memoir Confessions Of A Raving, Unconfined Nut. And Saturday’s panel on medical cannabis features Martin A. Lee, whose new book Smoke Signals is one the finest histories of pot in America. Omni Hotel, 251 S. Olive St., L.A.; Wed., Oct. 3 thru Sat., Oct. 6; $60-$85 for one-day pass, $200 for all four days, discounts for seniors and students. Full schedule at

— Michael Simmons

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