Yesterday was the hottest day of the year (in case you were hiding under a rock somewhere, with the miserable Valley lizards). But today, though it'll only take the prize for second hottest day of the year, might be even more insufferable, thanks to one SoCal curse:


City News Service reports that “the Southland's heat wave could become distinctly unpleasant today, because…”

… “of an injection of moisture that will produce humid conditions and create a risk of showers and thunderstorms.”

L.A. storm warnings in response to intense humidity usually don't go anywhere, but at least we've got a little something to get kind of freaked out about, in solidarity with our East Coast hurricane watchers. (Who, quite unfairly, got to freak out about a giant earthquake this week, too — we're feeling kind of neglected by the pending apocalypse. Or global warming, or whatever this latest natural-disaster weirdness is about.)

Though highs are set today at 103 in some of L.A. County's valley and mountain towns, the actual, palpable hotness — known by meteorologists as the “heat index” — is expected to reach 107, just like yesterday.

Most importantly: When will this B-list weather hell fade back into the L.A. paradise we know and love?

The National Weather Service tells City News it will drop its thunderstorm watch by Sunday, and temperatures should return to the normal 70s-80s on Monday in coastal and downtown L.A. (Though the Valley, as usual, gets slightly more screwed by a certain burning outer-space ball, with temps only beginning to drop, slowly, by Tuesday.)

Mandatory closing statement, via L.A. County health officials:

  • Never leave children, elderly people, or pets alone in a parked vehicle.
  • Wear light, loose fitting clothing to stay cool.
  • Drink water often. Avoid drinking alcohol.
  • Check on those in your neighborhood who have limited mobility.
  • Stay in an air-conditioned area (a mall, park, or library) during peak heat hours.
  • Avoid unnecessary exposure.
  • When in the sun, wear a hat with a wide brim.
  • Don't exercise vigorously outside during the hottest hours of the day.


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