You don't have to write anything in your date book. Just remember the number 4. Then you'll know that on the 4th day of the work week, Thursday, you go at 4 p.m. to FOUR at Hilton Checkers Los Angeles. From 4 until 8 (which is twice 4), you can buy drinks and small plates for $4 each. Just be sure you get your math straight before you start drinking.

This Thursday, PartidaTequila will set up a margarita bar. They'll put out fruits and vegetables such as raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, cucumbers, bell peppers and, whew, jalapenos and herbs such as basil and mint. The mixologist will turn your choices into a margarita made with Partida Tequila and agave nectar, no margarita mix, nothing that isn't fresh.

Checkers chef Todd Allison will create four small plates to match the drinks. He shops each day for what is freshest and best, so he won't decide what to serve until the last minute. Right now, he's thinking about fried oysters with pickled jalapeno aioli, ceviche with taro and house-made churros with Mexican dark chocolate sauce. That's only three, so he's obligated to come up with one more.

What may be holding him back is that this Thursday he faces a special challenge. He has to pair food with two spirits–Partida Tequila and violet-flavored Crème Yvette, a long-lost liqueur that has been re-released. Anyone for a purple margarita?

Hilton Checkers Los Angeles: 535 South Grand Avenue, Los Angeles; (213) 624-0000.

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