After the longest summer ever (extending through two, massive heat waves in early fall) it's actually, finally cold in Los Angeles. And not that fake 50-something-degree cold that East Coasters laugh at us about.

Real cold.

Lancaster, which, to remind you, is technically in Los Angeles County, albeit a couple states away in any other part of the country, recorded a record low overnight:

14 Dees-grees.

For real. That record for Dec. 20 was set at 4:21 a.m. and beat out 2006's 15 degrees for the same date, says the National Weather Service.

Global warming?

It's actually warming up today, with temps expected to hit the mid-60s at LAX (don't laugh, New Yorkers), and with “near normal” weather expected tomorrow, according to the NWS.

But it'll be cold overnight again, with “frost advisories” expected for some areas of Southern California.

Two cold fronts will hit us starting Friday and then again on Sunday night, according to forecasters. They could bring a little rain.

Christmas day? Dry, says the NWS. Just like SoCal should be.

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