Another LA Fashion week has ended and now that we’ve recovered –from the clothing cacophony and that nasty cold that’s been going around- it’s time to survey the overall style statements. Yes, there actually were some, and not surprisingly, many came from the crowds not the runway (remember the catwalk looks were for Fall, so the real folk displayed Spring things and looks to be inspired by – or not- right now). Here, a lil bit of the beautiful and simply bold from both.

1. Seeing Red– The looks shown by Whitley Kros, Lauren Conrad and Julia Clancey at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week at Smashbox Studios couldn’t have been more different, but one thing they all had in common- super-bright, almost orange-y crimson kissers. The ubiquitous smoky eye and pale lip combo needed a break, and on the runway at least, it definitely got one. At Conrad, we even scored free Mark cosmetics to replicate the look (even though it’s a sub-brand of housewife staple Avon, we gotta give it up, the stuff packs a colorful punch).

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From left, Whitley Kros red-lipped lineup and Chelsea Korka at the Pussycat Dolls show

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Crimson feline at Shhh, and red lips Mark the spot at Lauren Conrad.

2. Babes in Joyland– Tykes were running around Smashbox this year like never before. The presence of adorable school-age mini-fashionista offspring (such as Petro Zillia’s Nony Tochterman and LA fashion week coordinator/PR queen Kelly Cutrone's girls) brought a fun, family feel to the festivities, but the mamas who toted along their just outta-the-oven tykes (such as the gal who was seen nursing her newborn in the second row at Kros show) took it all a bit too far, we think. Babies are not fashion accessories.

3. S(c)andalous!– Black pedis were on display as usual, but comfort definitely was on the forefront at Smashbox this season. Sandals of all sorts- bejeweled, metallic, hippie-dippie brown leather- were seen on the front rows, paired with jeans and girlie dresses. We rocked platforms, but after seeing our peers free-spirited and more relaxed choices, we might rethink it next year. Of course, they’ll probably be out by then.

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Man-dals at Smashbox

4. Masters of Reality– Fans of America’s Next Top Model probably noticed quite a few of their fave femmes walking the runways last week. At GenArt, last season winner Saleisha posed on stage for JMary, while at ze ‘Box, Naomi Campbell lookalike Eugenia pranced for The Pussycat Dolls Shhh show and last season runner up Chantal changed it up for Conrad, Kros and the Dolls. As for TV’s most fashion-minded contest, it seems the li’l fella who won Project Runway this season- Christian Siriano- is already setting trends: his “That’s Pat” androgynous new wave hair and eyewear look is all the rage. We spotted several shameless lookalikes.

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Fierce ?????

5. Trashtastic– Pussycat Dolls lingerie. Need we say more? Also, Jared Gold’s pop-up boutique had its share of skimpy skivvy-inspired dresses in neon colors, a look rocked hard by another ANTM cast-off Lisa D’Amato (see above, right) during her post-show performance.

6. Back to Black– Save for Gold’s kaleidoscopic carnival of clothing, the general hues were muted and dark—especially at the edgier GenArt kickoff event.

7. Back to the Future– Nobody mixes eras like LA’s hipster kids , but the runways definitely tried. Nicky Hilton’s bondage babes, Kros’ thrift store whores, Gold’s 18th century sirens… Add #8 below, and it was a real retro-au-go-go of a week. What’s new? Not much.

8. Grunge– See previous “Fashion Nirvana?” post.

9. Feed Your Head– Flowers, bows, scarves, beads, berets. The heads really had it last week. By the way, if you loved Project Runway contestant Kit Pistol’s cutesy hair pieces, you can get some yourself this Saturday, when she hosts a sales event at Fred Segal Santa Monica with Too Faced Cosmetics.

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From left, Singer Morganne closes Maggie Barry's show, and an adorned head attendee at Jared Gold.

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Jared Gold model Audrey Kitching, and Kit Pistol in her signature bow barrette.

10. Everyone and their Mama's clothing lines– Conrad, Hilton, Antin at Fashion Week aside, the “I’m a designer” thing has gotten way out of control. It was announced just last week that LC’s Hills pal Whitney Port and her nemesis Heidi Montag are both launching apparel lines. Also reportedly in the design mix: Rachel Bilson, Lindsay Lohan (leggings) Nicole Ritchie (maternity) and baby daddy Joel Madden- who just opened a shop called DCMA last week. Add them to this list: Sean P Diddy Combs, J Lo, Beyonce, Gwen Stefani, Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson, Amanda Bynes, Sara Jessica Parker, Mandy Moore…do we need to go on? Well, we did in this week’s special Fashion Edition of Nightranger out tomorrow. Look for it in the front of the paper this week (and check out all the South By Southwest coverage by our colleagues in our usual spot in the music section).

Oh, and look for our line of scratch n' sniff toe socks coming out this Winter.

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