It’s a Lifestyle: Why ‘House of Core’ Is More Than a Pilates Studio

If you ask the co-founders of House of Core, Dru Mouser, Paula Nazar, and Wendy Wilcox, what sets their business apart from other Pilates studios, they’ll tell you it’s the lifestyle.

What makes House of Core more than just a place to exercise? It’s a community where people come together to live a healthier, happier life. As Wendy says, “For many of us, it’s more than just working out; it’s an opportunity to connect with other people, engage in community events, and the acknowledgment that we have personal lives outside of the great workout classes.”

House of Core is revolutionizing the way people think of Pilates communities. This studio goes beyond offering top-of-the-line equipment and experienced instructors – it’s also a community where events are regularly hosted and members can check out the ever-changing schedule of classes. Events include wine tasting, offering beauty tricks and entertainment tips, DIY Floral Arrangements, Private Shopping Events, Guided Meditation & Breathwork, Helping Local Charities to Give Back to the Community, and much more. There’s always something happening for House of Core members to take part in.

House of Core looks to bring an atmosphere of togetherness, lifting each other up and providing the tools to stay fit and healthy together. It truly is more than just a pilates studio – it’s an all-encompassing way of life.

Meet Wendy, Dru, and Paula – the three powerhouse co-founders of House of Core. With Wendy’s business acumen, Dru’s knowledge as an experienced Pilates instructor, and Paula’s expertise in retail and events, they have seamlessly melded their respective talents to create a unique workout and lifestyle destination. And perhaps most importantly, the founders of House of Core have a competitive edge in the world of pilates studios: they are avid users of their own products. This means that not only are the co-founders intimately familiar with the process of piecing together an exceptional pilates program, but because they themselves use it, these three certainly understand what a typical consumer is looking for in such an endeavor. Their dual role as both creative entrepreneurs and satisfied customers gives them unmatched insight into what can make a world-class fitness center, something that then allows them to deliver delightful experiences – again and again.

Nestled in a Brentwood neighborhood full of charm and character, House of Core provides the perfect atmosphere for healthy living. With modern decor and plenty of natural light, it’s easy to forget you’re exercising – it often feels more like an escape from your daily routine. The caring instructors are passionate about sharing their knowledge with others, creating a welcoming and encouraging environment that helps push you to reach your peak potential.

House of Core certainly knows how to keep clients engaged as well. With carefully created classes and a variety of workouts, this studio offers full-body transformations. Each class has been crafted to challenge all muscle groups so that no area of the body is neglected. Plenty of pilates enthusiasts can relate to the frustrating experience of repeatedly receiving an instructor who never works a specific muscle. It can be even more dissatisfying if that instructor’s time slot is the only time a member is free. With House of Core’s system, clients will know ahead of time what workouts they’ll perform. There is something for everyone; from beginners to experts, you can expect to be well taken care of. Additionally, with the right tunes, not only can workouts be more enjoyable, they can become more effective and fulfilling. That’s why at House of Core, the music playlists are thoughtfully chosen to help clients reach their fullest potential in each session. They’ve been carefully curated to keep people focused and engaged without being too distracting.

Certified Instructors at House of Core are a diverse collection of people with varying personalities. There are instructors with intense dance backgrounds, gymnasts, and even Cirque Du Soleil performers. Offering eight ideally-spaced reformers in each class, they are able to give greater attention to each individual. With vast and diverse knowledge of Pilates techniques, these instructors will not only guide you through your workout but also empower you with the motivation to do more.

At House of Core, the atmosphere is filled with positive energy and the people are incredibly welcoming. The goal is to make clients feel like they’re a part of a community. The various classes ensure members are never bored. There’s enough variety to always provide a worthy challenge for members. Additionally, whether you’re seeking a low-impact workout or an intense challenge to take your fitness journey to the next level, House of Core has something for everyone. With the modern studio, enthusiastic instructors, and a passion for pilates as a lifestyle, the experience continues to be immensely rewarding.

With experienced and exciting instructors, a commitment to offering full-body workouts, and a variety of events and retail offerings, House of Core has everything you need to continue on your fitness journey. Book a class today!

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