It’s a Cruel World for Devon Thompson: LA rocker Devon Thompson told us about her Cruel World experience.

Devon Thompson: The best gig I ever saw was on May 15th, 2022. I was dying to go to the Cruel World festival in Los Angeles. To me, it made my 80s dreams come true– Blondie, Devo, The Church, The Psychedelic Furs, Missing Persons, and so many more. All I knew was I HAD to go, but didn’t think I was actually going to be able to get a ticket. Much to my surprise, my producer was able to get us tickets to go. It was quite possibly the best day of my life. Getting to see the brilliance that is Devo was truly a blessing. I swear I didn’t even know what music was until I got to see Devo live. 

The main band that I wanted to see, Bauhaus, started right on time. The lights slowly turned red on the stage and the crowd fell silent. Right as that happened, clouds started to roll into the night sky as a low droning note started to play. It was so eerie and almost unreal. It felt like a sort of out of body experience. As they started playing “Bela Lugosi’s Dead”, I turned around and saw the most potent blood red moon I had ever seen. I had a full body shiver when I saw that. Nothing had ever been more perfect, Bauhaus with the blood red moon and the stage to match it. Their songs hauntingly floated through the crowd, and cut deep with their punchy bass lines and shimmering guitar. It truly felt like a fever dream in the best way possible. 

This was the most incredible gig I had ever been to, and one that will surely stay that way. 

It’s a Cruel World for Devon Thompson: Devon Thompson’s single “Napoleon” is out now.































































































































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