For the last year or so, food festivals in California have had cannabis purveyors on-site, offering samples of their wares, but without actual cannabis in them. Chocolates, candies, chips — the regular offerings of the weed companies, only they don't get you high.

But a big feature of the upcoming EastSide Food Festival in Silver Lake (Oct. 22) is the “Cannabis Corner.” Ticket holders can sample cannabis-infused food on-site and will take home a gift bag with more samples. Of course, there are rules: You can't enter the area without a California medical marijuana card, and you must buy a separate ticket for $15, on top of the regular festival entry price.

There will also be a cooking-with-cannabis demonstration that anyone can watch — and, of course, an array of restaurant and bar treats from venues east of Vermont Avenue, including Cosa Buona, Mh Zh, HomeState and Go Get Em Tiger.

This will absolutely become the new festival norm for at least a bit, while we all get our bearings around California's new weed law. But most festival offerings will still be infused only with herbs of the non–mind-altering variety.

Tickets to EastSide Food Festival can be purchased here.

LA Weekly