The pumpkin spice latte, long the punch line of every insult about the so-called “basic bitch,” has reached a new level of mockery: its own seasonal Umami burger, which is even more ridiculous and calorie-laden than any basic beverage you might find at Starbucks. Umami, which issued a press release urging diners to throw on their Ugg boots on the way to “yogilates,” is clearly in on the joke. 

Topped with garlic aioli and squash tempura, the beef patty is spiced with Mascarpone, glazed with coffee and stuffed between two Umami-branded buns, so it's like having a holiday breakfast, lunch and dinner all on one plate. The burger debuts tomorrow for just $4, which is about the price of an actual pumpkin spice latte, if you're willing to brave the pumpkin-crazed masses.


After that, the PSL burger hits the menu for $12 a pop, at all L.A. locations except for LAX — so if you're just stopping through town on a layover, you may have to settle for that Starbucks latte, after all.

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