“Merci le states,” replied Thomas Mars when we asked for his reaction to Phoenix's nomination for the Best Alternative Album Grammy.

We've been fans of the fashionable French band's laidback but dancefloor-friendly sound since United came out a decade ago, so we're ecstatic that Phoenix is getting so much attention now. However, we can't help but wonder what it was that pushed Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix over the edge.

While we're not trying to take away from the merits of the album, we surmise that much of the band's recent success has to do with a fan who mashed-up “Lisztomania” with clips from The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink and Mannequin to create the ultimate Brat Pack dance video. This clip did everything that a fan video should, it put a creative twist onto a song and exposed the band to those who had never heard of Phoenix before (as evidenced by this post on BoingBoing from last June). The video went viral and even Phoenix posted the YouTube clip on their blog. Considering that Mars told us that he prefers remixes of their songs “when someone takes the smallest detail of a song and creates something out of it. like sampling,” we aren't surprised that they were intrigued by a video that turns “Lisztomania” on its head.

Since then, we've noticed a smattering of Phoenix fan videos popping up online and, recently, we stumbled upon the following clip, which mixes “1901” with footage from Kingdom Hearts.

It's a completely different take on Phoenix from the Brat Pack video, dark and packed with action. We like how it recontextualizes the band's music for kids who like video games and cyber fashion.

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