When we found out that Riff Raff had his own strain of weed, we were pretty pumped. We imagined dancing like a manic octopus, telling hilarious stories about how our father fights polar bears, and being blessed with sartorial inspiration. 

And so we hustled down to Black Rose Collective on Melrose, home of the Jody Highroller strain, which we recently saw the Houston-bred, L.A.-based rapper hocking on his Instagram page, five grams for $55. And then we got high. 

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But before we give you our, um, critical assessment of the strain, however, a bit of background on how this all came to be.

Turns out that Riff did not actually toil in the fields of Humboldt, or even procure a lab coat and a bunch of LED lamps to concoct it. As with everything to do with Riff Raff, the real story is a lot simpler: After perusing the shop's 50 some-odd types of product a few weeks ago, he simply picked a dank purple indica to rechristen Jody Highroller. The whole thing took less than 15 minutes.

“I think he was just so high that he didn't realize, but he picked a $10 gram,” says shop budtender Sam Titus.

That's pretty cheap, especially compared to Black Rose's top-shelf strains, which go for as much as $25 a gram. But maybe this makes sense for Riff Raff, who is blessed with a, shall we say, hillbilly populist persona.

As for his compensation? An employee discount on future marijuana purchases. That's it. 

And he's not the first rapper to have gotten friendly with the folks at Black Rose…
Atlanta rappers Migos, of “Versace” fame, also have a strain named after them. Snoop Dogg dropped by last year on 4/20, while Soulja Boy gave away free ice cream out front in June. A$AP Rocky usually comes through after getting his nails done next door, we're told. (No, seriously.) 

And last fall Kid Ink shot a music video there for the song “Get You High Today,” an oddly enjoyable remix of Rich Homie Quan's single from last summer, “Type of Way.”

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But back to Riff Raff's strain: Anyone who buys a gram of Jody Highroller also gets a free steamroller, which is a cylindrical glass pipe with the carb on the far end (instead of on the side).

And, according to shop co-owner Johnathan K, it's pretty popular so far: This past weekend alone, 19 people came in asking for it.

But is it any good? Glad you asked. My friend and I picked some up and gave it the proper Riff Raff treatment over the weekend.

The plan was to smoke the Jody Highroller while sipping on a giant jug of Johnnie Walker Red my roommate picked up at Costco. We'd watch some Riff Raff videos, get turnt up, head to an art opening for some free wine, and then go dancing.

But what actually happened was more Horst Simco than Riff Raff. After packing a bowl and watching a few videos our brains began to hurt. Listening to Riff Raff's whiny-ass twang in that moment felt like being stabbed.

Something about smoking Jody Highroller feels like being swaddled in a fleece blanket, even more so than your usual indica. All we wanted was hummus and Bon Iver. Within twenty minutes my friend was asleep on the couch. We missed the art opening. When she woke an hour later, we switched to a sativa-heavy hybrid called XJ-13 and headed out to Funky Sole at the Echo.

The lesson here? Rappers should be more like Larry David  – ie make sure your weed matches your brand.

Don't make us bring the rice out. 

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