A report came in yesterday at TheAwl.Com that Starbucks has been doing a little experimenting with the idea of opening casual wine bars throughout the country. The piece also cites an article from The Seattle Times, which tells us that Starbucks has been operating two coffee shop/wine bars in their Seattle test area, under the names 15th Avenue Coffee & Tea, and Roy Street Coffee & Tea. The idea, it seems, is to potentially open further locations across the country, but under the original Starbucks name.

The Awl had someone on the ground at one of these public test facilities, who said that “The baristas are knowledgeable and can talk about different styles, such as the chardonnay being less oaky and more crisp in nature.” Additionally, it appears that the goal is to have a focus on local, regional wines.

Should it happen? Would you drink wine at Starbucks? Before you come to any strong conclusions, take a look at the full article, which deserves a read.

LA Weekly