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In honor of rapper T.I.'s arrest last night, which may be sizzurp-related, we've assembled a selection of videos by artists celebrating the illegal purple drank (a combination of soda, codeine-rich cough syrup and, occasionally, Jolly Ranchers).

There's so much lean-inspired music out there that we have to wonder — is sizzurp the new absinthe, fueling the creative expression of today's wordsmiths? Take a look at the following clips and decide for yourself.

A future poet laureate in the making:

This clip features a bunch of claymation teeth twisted on the drank:

It helped these Netherlanders become “globally known as European star(s)”:

Three 6 Mafia, heard earlier, filled a pool with it for this remix of their hit:

Sobering or inspiring? Lil Wayne praises lean, while most likely on it:

They, most certainly, have got the drank:

Not a video, but a prometh-praising track from the originator, DJ Screw:

Hard to believe this is a freestyle — Big Moe is SO inspired:

Syrup, Big Willie style (not that Big Willie):

And everything that Salem does (crackers get down too):

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