“Louis Slungpue,” the fake DWP spokesman who briefly convinced reporters at ABC7 on Tuesday that flooding at UCLA might have been caused by a cherry bomb down a toilet, or “a real large dump,” is an instant prankster folk hero. We weren't the least bit surprised to learn that the man taking responsibility for the call is a Howard Stern fan.

But is he also an on-duty firefighter?


A caller to talk radio station KFI AM 640 taking responsibility for the prank in its aftermath admitted that, yes, he is a fireman, though he didn't say where. And from the other details he gave KFI, we're utterly convinced it's the same guy — and that he was, in fact, at a fire station at the time of his epic prank.

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You can hear the prankster detail how he got through to the station (spoiler alert: through its “eyewitness news hotline”) and ad-libbed Slungpue's immortal lines in the clip below:

“We were sitting around with the fellows,” he said, “and one of the guys dared me to do it. We just hopped online, pulled the number up, called them, and they couldn't believe that I did it. They said, 'You don't have the guts to do it.' Well, push comes to shove, I had to show them what's up.”  He then left the room — “I get the giggles” — while the other guys watched the prank on TV.

But perhaps the most interesting moment of the caller's interview with KFI isn't the part where he cops to be a firefighter. It's the part where he explains that “Slungpue” was actually a spelling error on the station's part. He called in claiming to be Louis Flungpue — with an “F.” As in, a monkey flinging poo.

“I spelled it for them five different times, and they still got it wrong,” he told KFI.


Predictably, a Twitter account purporting to belong to the REAL Slungpue, “veteran LADWP troubleshooter,” has already popped up. But we're probably going to wait to follow Louis Flungpue once he gets on social media — that, we know now, is the real deal.

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