It's a fair question: Is L.A. the nation's douche capital? After all (and despite what New York magazine thinks) bottle service started here after migrating from the Asian-American club scene. And, yeah, Vegas is way douchey, but think about it: Where do those spiky-haired, Christian Audigier fans come from? That's right, Angel City. Miami? Puleese. Those douches got nothing on our douches. At least they're fit, tan and speak proper Spanish.

We think the Bottle Service is for Tourists blog has answered the question affirmatively: It's a medium that takes delight in our town's inherent lack of taste, decorum and modesty, and we're loving it. Example:

It tears apart a recent series of marketing-inspired BBM Lounge “Tastemaker Series” parties for Blackberry users:

It was a great idea and concept, however the word on the streets about Xomad's “tastemaker series” is that, if you attend any of these events, then you my friend, have no taste.

The photos, too, are classic. Really, no city out-douches L.A. Don't think so? Prove it.

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