Google “lindsay lohan death watch” and you'll get about 652,000 results, including many dating back to last year. But with bizarre behavior, heavily powdered feet, a famous diss of her home base of L.A., and a worrisome pronouncement from cops, Lindsay Lohan's dizzy, after-hours spiral seems to be headed south this spring.

We don't revel in such things, but it's hard to ignore the possible demise of the city's biggest party girl when, for example, the website PopEater reports that at least one major news organization has pre-written an obituary for Lohan.

“News outlets need to be prepared,” a news producer told the site. “However shocking a story it might be, they are in the business of breaking news fast and any preparation that can be done ahead of time is them just simply doing their jobs, We all scrambled when Brittany Murphy and Heath Ledger died and don't want that to happen again.”

The Associated Press, notorious for its at-the-ready, pre-written obits, had no comment.

Of course, maybe it's a good omen: In 2008, Us magazine reported that the AP was working on an obit for the odd-behaving Britney Spears. Since then she has cleaned up her act.

As we echoed yesterday, TMZ reported that Los Angeles police officers who apparently help Lohan navigate the paparazzi when she gets home from partying said they were worried about her and even considered detaining her and locking her up under a 72-hour psych hold.

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