After a horrible disaster in which Lindsay Lohan was told at a West Hollywood club Trousdale that should have to wait in line to enter like everyone else (we'll call this “Linegate”), Lohan indicated her great displeasure over the weekend with our fair metropolis, saying she prefers New York.

Lohan tweets that “I pick new york jus like Jay Z…… Wouldn't you?” Well, um, no. We like it here. But that's just us line-waiting hoi polloi. Lohan continues, via Twitter: “I've never been treated so poorly in my life, this is why I never come to LA. Isn't security, after I respect them and their work and tip them … aren't they supposed to 'protect' us … rather than man-handel [sic] and scare us (girls).”

That's right Lindsay, because you're special, and the rest of the people waiting to spend money at a club are dirt. Interestingly, she called the security personnel at Trousdale “arrogant.”

But, frankly, we don't want you to leave, Lindsay. With the city of L.A.'s budget hurting and people looking for work, you're good for the local economy. We're not sure what Kitson, Bardot or any number of Sam Nazarian's nightlife outlets would do without you, your friends and your free-spending ways.

Next time we open a venue, the ropes will part for you, my dear. As long as you're paying full price.

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