Plus-size women's clothing-maker Lane Bryant this week complained that ABC and Fox had rejected its advertisement marketing a new line of lingerie possibly because the model in the spot was showing a bit too much. (See the ad after the jump). Lane Bryant wanted to introduce its “Cacique” line on Dancing With The Stars and American Idol.

Bryant issued a press release calling the policy a double standard because both networks had aired similarly racy advertisements from Victoria's Secret. “There was absolutely no rationale for us to be relegated to the back of the bus, when our ads were no more risque than those of Victoria's Secret,” a company spokesman said. “The only difference is the size of our models. We would have expected better from a company owned by Disney.”

Fox later stated that it's running the ad and that it had never rejected it. Similarly ABC issued a statement that said “the ad was accepted.” The network argued, in part, that “Lane Bryant was treated absolutely no differently than any advertiser for the same product.” It accused the clothing company of blowing the issue out of proportion in order to get press for the launch of its line of unmentionables — which have indeed become quite mentionable.

Bryant issued a memo from ABC, however, that appears to prove it deemed the ad “restricted” for a “post 9 p.m.” slot that precluded it from appearing on certain shows. At least according to this argument, the ad was not rejected but rather was driven to a later time. It's not clear, however, if Victoria's Secret has the same restriction.

If not, we'd say shame on ABC. Big women need to look sexy too (said the Latino guy).

LA Weekly