The new issue of Heeb, the hip Jewish mag, features a cover story on L.A.'s former Queen of the Damned, Courtney Love. Titled, “Riot Incorporated:

Inside the Turbulent Mind and Empire of Courtney Love,” Karen Bookatz's interview is packed with prime-rib quotes from the Hole-istic One, who reflects on fame, the entertainment industry and her Jewish roots. For example:

“I don't what the fuck I am. I'm fucking Scottish, you know? It's like, is that my grandfather, or is that my grandfather? What the fuck, you know, what's up with all that? I don't know what the fuck I am. I am definitely an underdog though, so that puts me in the Tribe. . . .”

On romance with fellow artists:

“Let me tell you something, man. I can't even stomach (although I do it

sometimes) dating actors, because they're bitches. They're women.

They're waiting around for someone to call them.”

And on her own Eastern diaspora:

“I'm dreading moving to New York, really to be honest, it's like I fucking hate L.A., but I'm just dreading it.”

LA Weekly