There's important news in your world, and we aim to bring it to you. California's only Democratically appointed Supreme Court justice is quitting. SoCal is turning into a ghost town as more than half of foreclosed-upon homes aren't even on the market. And hiring of much-needed police in L.A. could come to a halt.

Got it? Good.

Because now that we got that out of the way … OMG! Camille Grammer might be leaving The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Okay, fan yourself.

Say it ain't so. Who will we have left to hate on the show? Kyle Richards? She's married to a Mexican for crissakes. Give her a break. (We're just kideen!). Taylor Armstrong? She's a human duck. (We're not kidding. We've heard her quack). Adrienne Maloof? She's the nicest one, and she could buy and sell you without even having to consult her famous brothers.

So what's behind this madness?

Grammer's publicist denies it: “Camille hasn't made a decision and won't until after the reunion show,” according to CNN.

Is she holding out for more money? Do these women even need any more money? Is it a ploy to get more spotlight?

She's going through a divorce with Kelsey Grammer. In fact, Camille's raison d'etre on the show is that she's Mrs. Grammer — and that she allegedly has an identity outside of the actor's shadow.

Without him in the background her character could be diminished.

But, as our resident Housewives beat reporter Ali Trachta has suggested, maybe Camille should stay another season to redeem herself and prove she can play a role other than star wife and resident Omarosa.

(On that note, see Trachta's take on the greatest television episode ever).

Maybe she just wants to lick her wounds while the divorce goes through. After all, she'll only see about $50 million. So tragic.

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