You know how when you walk down Hollywood Boulevard you see all kinds of stars on the sidewalk with the names of for-real movie stars and musicians but also you see a ton of names that you don't recognize and you wonder, “Who the hell is that?” Future generations will have a new “Who the hell is that?” star to gaze upon, because Bobby Flay is getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Not only that, he's the first chef to be given the honor.

Why? Why Bobby Flay? 

Is Flay significantly more showbizzy than other chefs? Eater points out in the piece linked above that he did once play himself on Entourage. He also appeared in a episode of Law & Order SVU. But the star is not about his bit roles in TV shows, it's about his eminence as a TV chef. The problem is, there are so many TV chefs out there who are more culturally relevant, more Hollywood (both in terms of location and life choices), more … interesting than Bobby Flay.

Here's a brief list of chefs we think should get a star before Bobby Flay:

Wolfgang Puck, because he has actually contributed to the culture of eating in Hollywood, has fed all its real stars, has a restaurant here (it's pretty good, apparently) and was a great TV chef himself. 

Julia Child, because she invented TV chefs.

Emeril Lagasse, because he invented the thing that Bobby Flay became. 

Guy Fieri, because that would be hilarious. 

Anthony Bourdain, because that would be more hilarious (because he would hate it so much).

Nigella Lawson, because she's beautiful and amazing and glamorous and could be an actual movie star. 

All this makes it sound as though we actually care about who gets a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Apologies for that, we don't. Congrats, Bobby Flay! 

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