Perhaps the degrading commercial earlier this week that pitted LAX up against SFO went straight to our food court, or maybe the closing of The Hump inspired LA's international airport to take a stab at the title for the best grub in the county within 100 feet of a runway. Or maybe we don't have an inferiority complex, and it's just high time we stop settling for mediocrity (or fasting) every time we have to catch a plane. Or maybe the longtime Iron Chef is so used to working the clock that he just likes the conceit of all the flashing Departure and Arrival times.

Whatever the reason, it sounds like Japanese chef Masaharu Morimoto might be joining Wolfgang Puck at the airport out West. According to this post from LA Observed , Morimoto just may be designing the menu for Skewers, a yakitori-style restaurant pitched by Delaware North for a food and concession contract with LAX.

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