It can help you find a parking space, video chat with your mom, and find you the best restaurants nearby. But apparently the iPhone still can't tell time.

The device was a FAIL again this weekend after it didn't automatically register the “spring forward” of daylight savings time.

In fact, some users complained that …

… their iPhones actually set time back an hour, making some folks two hours behind Sunday. It's not the first time this has happened. In fact, it seems to be an annual glitch (really Apple? What are you, Microsoft?).

The fix, apparently, is simple: Turn the thing on and off, or turn Airport mode on and off, so that the device re-registers and notes the new time.

Still, it goes to show, the iPhone is still just an elaborate toy. With problems with the iPhone 4's antenna and AT&T's notorious dead spots, it sometimes can't event make phone calls.

(But, hey, it looks cool when you light it up in the club, right?).

LA Weekly