There's a new iPhone app out there that lets you send a sexy photo to that dude you met at Mulligan's last night and allow him to enjoy it for just a few minutes before – POOF! – it deletes itself.

Snapchat, created by a Stanford University student, is the first attempt at eliminated the e-trail of bad judgment that you, I and your mailman have shown at least once this year.

Sure, it's fun to e-flirt by sending suggestive photos to one another but we all remember what happened to former New York Rep. Anthony Weiner when his boner photo ended up on the Internet.

Once our vomit was mopped up, we all were forced to realize the consequences of our alcohol- or libido-induced actions. You send out a pic of your balls or butthole and god knows what the recipient will end up doing with it once he/she finds reason to hate your guts or simply has time to kill.

So student Evan Spiegel decided to find a way to eliminate any evidence of said sext once an allotted amount of enjoyment time is reached. Send over a cute photo of yourself with your pants down, but only let him jerk to it for 45 seconds before it disappears from his phone.

And if said jerker takes a screen shot of said inappropriate photo, you get a notification which lets you decide whether or not to set an angry gaggle of girlfriends his way to make sure that screen shot disappears, too.

Choose wisely.

Choose wisely.

Of course, this isn't going to stop sext photo recipients from finding other ways to keep hold of a suggestive pic, but as Chief Executive Michael Fertik told NYTimes Bits blogger Nick Bilton:

“We know that friction is a very powerful tool to deter people from taking things that are meant to be private and sharing them,” Fertik said. “It's probably impossible to completely deter people, but adding friction in a second-to-second environment — like sexting — can be very powerful.”

Though Snapchat might help calm your nerves after pressing “send” on a less-than-holy (but possibly hole-y) sext message, it certainly doesn't save your ass. Send dirty photos at your own risk and be ready to reap the results should they end up on Twitter, angry ex-girlfriend/boyfriend websites, or in Grammie's email inbox.

People — especially when they're pissed off — are capable of amazing things and, as we've learned from Tiger Woods, Kanye West, Chris Brown, Anthony Weiner and Brett Favre, they can cause irreparable damage to a reputation. So just use common sense, for Pete's sake.

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