Introducing The Los Angeles Ignite: A New Era in Basketball Fueled by Purpose

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The city of Los Angeles, known for its glitz, glamour, and thriving sports culture, is about to witness a new spark igniting its basketball scene. Welcome to the world of the Los Angeles Ignite, a dynamic and passionate basketball organization that has recently joined The Basketball League known as the TBL (Led by Owner/CEO Evelyn Magley), poised to compete on the court, but also positively impact the community off the court.

Philip McDonald, M.D.,  is at the helm of the Los Angeles Ignite venture, as our founder and Team Market Owner (TMO), after purchasing the team in June of 2023.  Dr McDonald is a board certified physician specializing in sports medicine radiology and completed his medical training from two of the countries most storied college basketball campuses in the University of Connecticut (UConn School of Medicine – MD 2006) and Duke University (Fellowship in Sports Medicine Radiology – 2012).  He is the Founder and CEO of his teleradiology practice, PrimeTime Radiology LLC, which services professional  athletes and sports teams belonging to the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB in 40+ States where he holds active state medical licenses.  Dr. McDonald has also served as the medical analyst for NBA TV, a division of the Turner Sports Network/Warner Bros. Discovery, giving expert television medical analysis on the league’s superstars.

Dr McDonald’s  journey as a successful entrepreneur and dedicated physician has now taken an inspiring step towards the realm of sports, with him taking on the mission of leading a successful TBL team while giving back to the Los Angeles community.  His transition to professional sports ownership might seem surprising at first glance. However, a deeper look reveals a visionary who recognizes the power of sports in fostering unity, resilience, and positive change within a community. With a passion for basketball that runs deep, Dr. McDonald saw the opportunity to merge his entrepreneurial acumen and compassionate spirit to create something extraordinary. “The Los Angeles Ignite isn’t just about winning championships, it’s about igniting a sense of purpose both on and off the court.”  Dr. McDonald envisions his team as a force for good, a catalyst for positive transformation in Los Angeles. Through a variety of charitable initiatives, including assistance for the unhoused community, and impactful charity events, the team aims to weave itself into the fabric of the city, becoming an agent of positive change.

As a beacon of opportunity, the Los Angeles Ignite stands to offer a stage for dedicated players to shine, regardless of the twists and turns their journey may have taken. With open tryouts and a coaching staff that brings a wealth of experience and insight, the organization is creating a unique avenue for these players to not only rediscover their passion but also to make their mark on the basketball landscape. By fostering an environment where talent and determination are recognized and nurtured, the Los Angeles Ignite is giving rise to a new wave of athletes who refuse to let their dreams wane.

The Los Angeles Ignite is on a mission to build a strong team with its first tryouts right around the corner on October 8th.

The team staff is led by Canadian superstar General Manager Dwight Walton and the FIBA veteran Vicken Eskidjian as head coach.  GM Dwight Walton brings a vast amount of experience, having played professionally overseas for 10 years, in Israel and Switzerland and representing his Country, Canada, at every major international competition, including the 1988 Summer Olympic Games, in Seoul, South Korea. Walton has played with some highly notable names on Canada Basketball;  Rowan Barrett Sr., currently the General Manager for Canada Basketball, Steve Nash, 2 time NBA MVP/Hall of Famer and Jay Triano, Assistant Coach for the Sacramento Kings.  Head Coach, Vicken Eskidjian, known as Coach Ve, has a rich background in both playing and coaching. He spent an impressive 18 years as a professional basketball player overseas. On top of his playing career, Coach Ve has coached for 14 years at the professional level in FIBA Asia and Europe. Vicken Eskidjian, who is recognized globally, brings a wealth of experience to the Los Angeles Ignite which they can count on in the coming months and years ahead.

 Together, they bring a great deal of knowledge to the organization. When you add Dr. McDonald’s forward-thinking vision to the mix, you get a team that’s not just skilled but also deeply passionate about the game. Right in the heart of Los Angeles, a new chapter in the world of basketball is unfolding. It’s all about unwavering dedication, boundless passion, and a profound sense of purpose. The Los Angeles Ignite isn’t just a sports team; it’s a movement that shows how sports can break down boundaries and make a positive impact. 

As the Los Angeles Ignite prepares to make their debut on the court, they wish to convey their unwavering dedication to igniting inspiration, fostering positivity, and building a transformative culture that extends far beyond the boundaries of the sports arena. The Los Angeles Ignite will serve as a compelling testament to the profound ability of sports to unite individuals, uplift souls, and catalyze enduring societal change. 

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