It's International Kissing Day, everyone. That's right – today is the official day to find a slutty coworker or the cleanest construction worker on the block to suck a little face and see what happens.

Now, why you need a specific day for this, we're not sure, but we were just as surprised to learn that Masturbation Month was in fact May and not every month that has at least 20 days in it.

So since it appears we're allowed to be especially kissy today (at least until midnight) we're already taking orders and setting up a kissing booth in the hallway.

It doesn't look like this trick needs any tips.

It doesn't look like this trick needs any tips.

Meanwhile we've been doing a little research and came across some fascinating oral facts courtesy of “The Science of Kissing” author Sheril Kirshenbaum who shared her knowledge with

  • Did you know that 2/3 of us tilt our heads to the right when we meet lips? Doesn't matter if you're a righty, either.
  • Ever noticed how touchy feel-y the monkeys get at the zoo? (When they're not busy masturbating in the corner at least.) Well great apes are one of the only species other than we humans who show affection my mashing our mouths together.
  • Kissing can promote the creation of dopamine, which is responsible for the elated rush feeling that drugs such as cocaine offer (so we're told). So yeah, lay off the hard stuff and start making out. There, you're cured!

But for Pete's sake (or Pauline's, depending on whom with which you're about to oral-ate) make sure you're kissing the right way. Don't be a Mouth Masher and keep your Tongue Dagger in the closet.

But if you need tips and tricks to NOT send your kissing partner running for the shower check out our Top 5 Kissing Mistakes You Make & We Hate.

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